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Our association sprung to life in August 1969. The founding group consisting primarily of graduates of the PMMA classes 66,67, 68 and 69 foresaw the need to consolidate efforts and work towards a common goal of brotherhood among its members and the upliftment of standards of the marine profession. It was originally intended as a close club of graduates from classes 66 onwards since at the time of founding, there was an existing alumni association of graduates of the Philippine Nautical School, the forerunner of the PMMA. The first known formal meeting of the PMMAAA was held at the residence of Danny F. Veida 67 in October 1969 in Project 4, Quezon City where the association was organized and the first Elections conducted and resulted as follows:

    President    - Danilo F. Venida 67
    Vice Pres.   - Alfredo G. De Guzman 66
    Sec./Treas. - Ernesto Morales 68
    Class Representatives/Directors:
    Class 66 - Alejo Vinluan
    Class 67 - Makaraig Cuevas
    Class 68 - Serafin Parawan
    Class 69 - Orlando F. Tucay

The PMMAAA, Inc. was granted its corporate identity on Oct. 27, 1969 by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
The Incorporators were:

    Danny F. Venida 67
    Danny F. Venida 67
    Ernesto Morales 68
    Santiago Granada III 66
    Diofonce Tunacao 68
    Ceasar Rivera 66
    Reynaldo Rosales 67

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